MediaExtractor - your Media-over-IP troubleshooter

MediaExtractor Value

•Monitor Voice, Video and Fax from network traffic in real time

•Troubleshoot your Media-over-IP network issues quickly and easily

•Low cost alternative to specialized protocol analyzers and other testing software

What is MediaExtractor?

MediaExtractor© software captures network traffic and automatically extracts voice, video and fax communications in real-time. This tool also serves as a Quality Control device, calculating jitter and delay statistics utilizing advanced algorithms. MediaExtractor© is very easy to use and delivers rapid results with practically no training.

Voice over IP (VoIP), Video over IP and Fax over IP (FoIP) are mainstream technologies increasingly used in the telecommunications service industry. As the MoIP* market grows for several years to come, telecommunication service providers and solutions developers have a need to build, test and troubleshoot systems that deliver high quality voice, video and fax communications services.

While protocol analyzers used in networks communications industry are meant to analyze network traffic, MediaExtractor© is built to address the demands of monitoring, troubleshooting and testing Media-over-IP systems.


* Media-over-IP (or MoIP) is an industry term describing the combination of Voice, Video and Fax over IP technologies.

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